The Ed Schramling Design

Ed Schramling crafted his model of the Twin Towers in the year following the attacks. Ed is a master metal sculptor who wanted to enter his work in the Twin Towers Design Competition for those who believe the Yamasaki Towers, upgraded using present-day technology, best represent what belongs at Ground Zero.



Artist: T. Ed Schramling


Polished Stainless Steel

Swirl Textured Base with Clock Settings

Laser-Cut Block Lettering

Indirect Lighting System

Brass Roses (with 30 shaped pedals per rose)


Display Height (including display table): 88" (104")

Building Height (with frame): 46" (61")

Frame (width/length): 36"/40"

Number of Windows (per set): 7,392 (13,216)

Number of Laser Cut Letters & Numbers: 586

The stainless steel towers are designed nearly to scale, except for the windows and entrance. There are 7,392 windows in both towers - towers which measure 6" wide on each side.

The rose petals are made from brass sheets, hammered out one petal and one leaf at a time. Thousands of hits with a hammer were used to make this set of four roses. "It takes as much time building the roses as building the rest of it," he said, referring to four brass roses on each corner of the model's base. "There are 30 petals in each rose, and each petal has to be hammered out by hand.

In an interview for a local paper Schramling explained: "There is one rose for each plane. The little buds are there for the babies that were born after the attacks." "I've worked with metal all my life, retired four times ... can't stay away from it," he said. "I just figured like everybody else, [9/11] was the worst thing to ever hit the country, and I thought people better not forget it."